Ministry launches a YLP CSO Consultation Group

Thanks to AYDL’s relentless advocacy and commitment to linking local issues from her districts in the North and North Eastern Uganda to the national level, the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) Manager at the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development (MoGLSD) finally constituted and launched a YLP Consultation CSO Working Group in 2017. This took place on 9th May 2017 at the MoGLSD Board Room.

Mr. Happy Ahimbisibwe, the then YLP Manager at MoGLSD said, "I have established the YLP CSO Consultation Group to mainstream youth development and empowerment in the work of the YLP. This group is also designed to enable young people to shape government policy by sensitizing us to the impact of YLP on the youth and the future of the country. In this way we are saying that youth development is now everybody’s business. It is not to be pushed aside. Every government department must ensure that its policies talk to youth development".

Speaking at the launch of the project in Arusha

AYDL Partners with EACSOF to Mobilize Youth Support for Ratification of African Charter In December 2017, AYDL was nominated to mobilize the Youth Civil Society Organizations in Uganda towards supporting African Governance Architecture (AGA) through popularizing and advocating for implementation of the African charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) within the region.

AYDL was represented by her Programme Coordinator, Ms. Teopista Kizza), the EACSOF acting chief executive officer, Ms Martha Makenge, said the forum is, in collaboration with ActionAid’s Global Platform, will advocate ACDEG in Tanzania and Uganda for the next three years.

The ACDEG calls for all AU member countries to promote good governance for the benefit of all citizens by ensuring the rule of law and the human rights are dully respected.

It entails governments managing their countries transparently and fairly, and respecting their constitutions without denying eligible persons the right to vote.

A civic education session for female youth in Pader District

AYDL has all along been building capacity for youth and youth leaders to participate in governance and influence key decisions but the results for this were long fetched. While we achieved broader results, the impact on an individual could not be clearly felt hence the plight of the youth in terms of mindset shift was really wanting.

Youth engage in a group discussion during a training on attitude and effective youth leadership.

It was not until 2017 when AYDL opted to do training on attitude and how an individual’s transformation is based on their attitude. The training involved the use of mind transforming ideas from Teopista and experiences from individuals like Jack Ma and Steve Jobs both quotes and videos. The training was climaxed with a journey to transformation testimony of Hassan whose story was really humbling. Teopista emphasized that as youth leaders, we need to give an example to the rest of the youth including starting and sustaining entrepreneurship projects and enterprises that inspire other youth to do the same but also help generate side income because politics and advocacy is not a job. She gave a statement that success is within an individual and for that to be realized “the start was now, not tomorrow” The training provoked not only my thinking but also my other colleagues to start thinking about what we can do? It was not long before AYDL’s

A training for the youth trekers on monitoring service delivery in Oyam District

AYDL Supports Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Meetings in Kampala

As Uganda hosted the 9th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (9CYMM) in Kampala from 31st July to 4th August 2017, AYDL actively supported and participated in this historymaking gathering, which brought together government ministers, senior officials, young leaders, and youth workers from across the globe.

A panelist makes their submission in a plenary during the Commowealth Youth Ministers Meeting – Stakeholders Forum in Kampala. priorities for resourcing youth development.