The Youth Voices in Action

Youth Voices in action

The Youth Voices in Action

The youth voices in the 2011 Electral process and beyond,

This is a three year project for the youth in the districts of Pader and Abim that targets to engage at least 1000 rights holders and duty bearers of which 500 are females  and 450 are males.the project is designed  a part of the wider effort to establish a sustainable ,informal and interactive forum for the youth to meaningfully stimulate dialogue on governance issues by emphasizing the critical role of the youth in promoting good governance  ans active citizenship.The project seeks to inform and reform the minds of the youth into pro activeness by motivating them to be agents of transformation within their communities.


The Vijana Space initiative targets and assists youth groups develop civic groups that mentor young people with entrepreneurial ,personal  and interpersonal skills.The include the ability to think critically and solve problems, and assumptions of personal and group responsibility.

Our actions are limited to the following civic associations:

  • Abim District Youth Group
  • Ram Computers Youth Group
  • Uganda Empowerment and Rights institute
  • Pader Youth Forum
  • Kingstone Youth Association
  • Action for Fundamental change and development (AFFCAD)


The Imagine Uganda Campaign



Imagine Uganda is  a six month advocacy campaign that takes the context as a starting point and asks the questions :Where do we go from here and how do we make the next 50 years better for all Ugandans from all walks of life.The advocacy campaign that in may 2012 to October 2012 as Uganda celebrates her 50th independence  anniversary on October 9th 2012 .

imagine Uganda will be about young Ugandans taking the lead in defining and shaping the country into what we want it to be or the current and most importantly future generations  that will follow.