AYDL recognizes the potential in creating change through a combination of the right skills, consciousnesses and creative energy of young people.

Our Training

Our training engagements on public policy, advocacy, research, and partnerships increase the youth visibility of service-learning and to gain new champions both in Uganda and in communities across the Uganda.

Young people address public policy and advocate for service-learning throughout all of our programs. At the AYDL, our training attendees lobby government officials to make youth opportunities a priority. In the Generator School Network, participants share service-learning and civic engagement projects that revolve around advocacy efforts on issues that matter to them.

OUR PROJECTSWe carry out project in four districts of northern Uganda ie; Abim, Pader, Oyam and Amuru district together with kampala and young people in institutions of learning

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality

Enlightening Youth

Equipping young people with skills employers and communities demand today

Community Organizing

Empowering youth to succeed as a collective voice in influencing meaningful social change.


Investing in young leaders to be a part of every solution.